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Genuine dedication not seen much in the youth of today


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The video skips a cool party of the story. Local police saw him walking and stopped to see what was up. After hearing the story they took him to breakfast and then gave him a ride to his first work assignment,

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Consider that the unusual makes news, the common does not.

I suggest that there are more lads and lasses that are honest, work hard and don't have a Kardashian or a thug rapper as a role model than the popular and trendy.

But, they are not interesting to a culture that celebrates the slacker, thus, they are anonymous and better off for it.

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I agree with Tuos. I work with youth. They often seem uninterested in "everything" until you find an area they care about. It seems they embrace a "Let live and let be" attitude. But when you find the area they care about they are pretty much experts in that area.

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