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Creepiest things you've found/come across in the wilderness


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I was driving around some old logging roads a few years ago, exploring, I turned off into an outlet off the road, it was very narrow, my truck was pushing branches on both sides, drove about a half mile on this trail when it finally opened up a bit and came to an abrupt end. Painted on the ground was a large white pentagram, and what appeared to be dead/mutilated small animals around it. Squirrels, cats, or something. Couldn't tell from how mutilated they were, and I wasn't about to hop out and inspect closer. I quickly threw a u-ey and high tailed it out of there. I remember feeling a sort of spiritual attack just being there. Not my kind of scene. 

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I found a fired, but unexploded 81mm mortar round once, in the Army. That was a little creepy. It wasn’t a big deal though. We marked the site, figured out the 10-digit grid coordinates for the site, relayed the info to EOD and moved on. I never heard a boom, so I’m guessing they didn’t piss it off when they found it.  

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