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Another reason to love Glock


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I posted about Glock 42 Mags here a couple of weeks ago. I started looking to see exactly what I had and found two of the 01 models. I was gonna junk them and buy two 03s to replace them but recalled that Glock had, at one time, exchanged them for the newer ones.

I called Glock last Thursday, I believe. What a pleasant experience! A human being answered the phone on the first ring. I can't recall the last time I called a commercial business and talked to a human without wading through at least one of the "Please listen to the following options as our menu has changed," computer voices.

The operator transferred me to one extension, the phone was answered on the first ring again by a human. Amazing! A twofer! But, I'd made a mistake in how I described the problem to the initial operator who was led to believe my 42 was faulty as well as the mags. This fellow explained that another section would swap the mags out for me if my gun was otherwise working okay. No, it made no difference if I had purchased the Glock 42 used. Wow!

He then transferred me to a man (phone answered on the first ring again!). He took my information,  telling me just to send the 01s in and he'd send me two new 03s.

I got the new 03s today.

I was on the phone with Glock for no  more than five minutes (part of which was my fault for not clearly describing what I wanted). 

I can't help but wonder why other companies don't operate that way.




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Very cool. I've only dealt with Glock CS twice in over twenty years. Both times they went above and beyond my expectations. My situation is different from many. I live less than an hour away from the Mothership. I just drive over and watch Glock commercials in the lobby while they do their thing.

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Dealing with Glock during their Gen 1 and early Gen 2 days was a nightmare.  Just denials and broken promises.  Sort of like Ferrari with their 458 bursting into flames.  Deny everything in spite of the facts.  Glock denied that their guns were doubling and going full auto. 

But they got much much better as time went on. 

When I lived in Georgia I my year old G29 developed ejection issues so I made an appointment to bring it to Glock.  A gunsmith friend told me to mark every part in the gun just to see what they really do.  As expected after test firing the Glock tech told me that there was nothing wrong but they changed my springs anyway.  When I got home I checked and they had replaced every part except the frames, slide and barrel.  Not a problem with my G29 in the 20 years since.  My gunsmith told me they did this with all of the early G29 and G30's but they deny doing any sort of upgrade.

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Great guns, great price, great customer service.  I KB'd a glock (my fault) years ago.  They said they couldn't cover under warranty, but then rebuilt the pistol and charged me around $50 IIRC.   I've got a few of them.

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