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1911 mags?


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Been out of the 1911 game for many years. 

Are the Wilson 47D’s still the go to?  Any others I should be looking at? 

What about a quality 7rd flush fit Milspec style mag?  Mecgars?  Metalform?

Looking for best bang for the buck for an order of 12+ for dad’s Springfield.  

Any info and/or links to a good deal greatly appreciated.


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In my experience the discontinued Mec-Gar mags in stainless are the most durable.  It you can find them get them.  The best bang for the buck is the Zenith from CDNN.  They are rebranded Metalform mags.

https://www.cdnnsports.com/magazines.html#manufacturer=ZENITH FIREARMS

Sign up for their e-mail specials.  Every few days they have a sale on the Zenith mags.

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I prefer Chip McCormick mags, but that's a non-sequitur now. He sold out to Wilson and went off on a permanent fishing trip.

Tripp would be my second choice and Wilson a distant third [their build quality has diminished over the years].

For a range pistol, Metalform [Colt's current supplier] or Mec-Gar are perfect. 

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Metalform 7-rd mags with the dimple are good.

CheckMate 7-rd mags with the USGI feed lips are superb (and they give LE Discounts that are pretty sizable)

FYI, Springfields Custom Shop reports more problems in their guns when Wilson 47D mags are used than any other magazine.

Tripp are VERY nice and VERY expensive.


I like the first two I memtioned


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I have some Wilson mags from years ago and they have always been 100%.   I need to buy a few more and see if the sky has fallen as much as some in the internet world have claimed.  

Always wanted to try some McCormicks but I may have missed the boat on that one.  

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