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weirdest things found under your house ?


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i found a fox den , not to weird ,

a baseball and nobody in family played baseball

and an old box of hot wheel cars . this was all under my parents house. 


nothing weird under ours  except foxes  since we built house not to long ago 

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The houses I owned have basements so no chance of anything under them. But at one time I owned the house my grandfather owned and a couple of rental houses he built next to it. They all had crawl spaces. Found some cool stuff.

His house

A plumb bob and one of his hammers.

A steel Coke can and other debris from my grandfathers lunches as he was building the house. 

A 1935 slot machine.


The rentals.

A loaded revolver cylinder.


A 1950s Utah highway patrol first aid kit.

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I big freaking money pit. So far:

1. Foundation repair

2. water pipe repair

3. Sprinkler installation (Not under the foundation, but to keep from having more foundation issues).

4. The strangest one was we recently put in a new front door and found out the old one was not on top of concrete as it should have been? There was a big hole filled with rock and dirt. We removed it, filled in the huge divet with concrete and then installed the new door.


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Not under a house, but we were tearing out a section of concrete block wall to make door into a shop bay that we had added on. We found two old steel Falstaff cans inside the wall. The kind opened with a punch type can opener. 

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Mine's on a slab, but if someone ever digs that up they will find a bible underneath. 

My confirmation bible became too worn out to repair, but I didn't feel right about throwing it in the trash, so I decided to build my house's foundation on it.

It seemed like nice symbolism.

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