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biggest purchase you made online ?


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26 minutes ago, ASH said:

you cant end it there ,   what tool 

I buy and sell tools with most of my purchases coming from live and online auctions (Gov't auctions, hospital's, etc). I generally do pretty good, but occasionally do great. That particular tool was a Digitrak Eclipse locator kit that I bought for 400.00 and sold for a little over 11,000.00.

My best percentage wise was a 10.00 purchase in Oklahoma city of a tool in a Pelican case (I just wanted the case). I realized they had drilled through the case to mount the tool so I put it up on auction and it sold to a Canadian about 7 days later for 3500.00. As best I can understand they use some sort of shotgun shell device to figure out the size of an oil well??? This device apparently recorded the results.


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A stratocaster. Amazon.

The first one was either stolen or a bootleg. The box didn't match the guitar, the serial number didn't match any paperwork and parts were missing. It was obviously used. They seller was VERY slow to respond and when he did, he would keep offering a lower price. I finally got my money back.

From a second seller, I got a pristine masterpiece.

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$1300 for the one on the right.  Searched for years to find that particularly rare combination of a ebony fingerboard and Lo-Pro vibrato.  Only made for a few months in 2003.  Paid about the same for the one in the middle.  Not available in the US but I found one at a great price in Singapore.  But shipping and Customs charges jacked up the price.


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