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No More 550 Paracord For Me!

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275 instead!

While fewer inner strands (4) and 3/32 inch diameter,  I can carry twice as much in length and I've yet to find any camp/outdoor chore where it has failed in comparison to 550 cord.

While I still prefer 550 paracord for boot laces and knife lanyards, 275 has worked very well for everything else!



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On ‎7‎/‎16‎/‎2018 at 3:30 PM, Leigh1964 said:

I can carry twice as much in length

to what end?  50 feet of 550 is tuff stuff that weighs nearly noting, its the standard for a reason.  I have trekked all over the planet and I have never needed 100 feet of cording.  I will stick with 550, I don't need twice as much of something that is only half as strong.  I have gotten by with 550 cord and decoy line for decades, I don't think 275 cording has a place in my kit.  If it works for you.. great 

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Only problem I have with it is untying knots.

550 can be tough to untie as it is, I can only imagine that with even thinner cord extra care would have to be made to tie only knots that can be undone easily or you would be cutting it a lot. 

I do often think 550 cord is overkill. I don’t need cord that strong to hang a tarp or tie up a bear bag. 

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They each have their purpose. I have both and choose the one for the purpose. I also have larger and smaller line for other purposes. In spite of it's name 550 paracord is not good climbing rope for a 200 pound person, or even a 100 pound one. So we need more than one type of need for cord/rope/line.


Why would anyone expect to one rope to meet all our preparedness/survival needs.


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