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Pasta sauce party


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So I had a pasta sauce party. We played music, cooked, told bad jokes and had fun. Had this up on Facebook page and a pretty lady I went to school with showed up.... I had to ask my friends: what is her name, who is she? But ya know the human thing in person is the best  had to give credit to whomever got a grapefruit in my lion’s head.





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Trying to do more stuff in person... I have time now. Between 6 to 15people depending on the time of day. Had an amp out if anyone wanted to spark us a tune on  guitar (have many)  or music from their phone. Mi casa is su casa. Had only one rule, don’t smoke in my house.

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On 7/16/2018 at 5:56 AM, XSIV4S said:

Very nice view.

Yeah I live in a leafy area, green belt in So Cal. Surprising amount of wild like, raccoon, coyote, million squirrels, hawks, orioles, humming bird etc. we had kit foxes a while back but haven’t seen them in a few years... they were the only foxes I’ve ever seen. We try to just be nice. One lady brought up guns in a good way, and she knows her stuff. But it was centered around food, music, stories and jokes.

I’ll do it again soon and anyone in striking distance is welcome. Don’t have spare beds but couches and pillows, all clean of course. 

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