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Cop murdered by unarmed man


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Had the LEO prevailed in this fight, I'm sure there would be rioting in the streets of MA over the police killing an unarmed man.


RIP Officer Chesna.  Thank you for choosing a profession where you protect your community.  Condolences to your family.    

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Prayers and condolences to Officer Chesna and his family.

God Bless them.


was the bad guy here Illegally because Mass. is a sanctuary state just for some full disclosure,

was he tagging the house for a gang or just felt the need to escalate a stupid situation?

did he have a previous record? because in Mass. "Life" is defined as a term of 30 years and rarely is it ever made to be serve the full sentence or back to back,usually after 15 years they are eligible for Parole even if they have previous convictions,

i hope a federal firearms charge is involved,thats about the only way he will see any real time.


just some silly questions that seemed to go unreported.


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