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Do you need carry insurance?


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I watched this video last night and got me thinking.  Do you need carry insurance?  If, God forbid, I was ever involved in a defensive shooting I know affording a lawyer would be a big problem for me.

Do you have carry insurance, and if so which company did you go with?  I'm leaning towards CCW Safe but I'm still undecided.


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Firearms Legal Protection.


They have gotten pricy over the last couple years. I got in when the price was affordable and am locked into that price for life. They still lock you in at whatever price you start at, it is just higher now.

They all claim to be the best, just read what each offers and make a decision.

See if they cover bail, lost wages, the cost of your gun if the cops keep/ruin it, clean up fees (cleaning democrat brains off your living room walls can be expensive), etc.

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