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Shotgun Photos Thread


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1897 Winchester  made in 1940 Very little wear but had been either bead-blasted and blued or parkerized at some point and someone had added a recoil pad. Since it was no longer "Original" I cut the 30 inch barrel dwon to 20 but not before shooting it with the long barrel. I really liked it with the long barrel and since it's a take-down model I bought an xtra 30 inch barrel for it. I also touched up the stock and fore-end with Tung oil which matched the original finish perfectly.


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16 Ga Browning A5 that I inherited from my grandfather. His father purchased this one and a 20 Ga for his brother when they returned from Europe in 1946. 

Though an A5 (and marked Browning), this one was mfg’d by Remington as they produced A5s in 1945-46- this one is 1945 mfg. Had it professionally reblued a few years ago  

It still makes the occasional appearance in Southern Virginia cornfields for dove when Septembers come.  


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On 9/16/2018 at 7:25 PM, windowasher said:

Perazzi MX 8 my daughter trains with for USA Shooting Olympic Trap competitions

MX8 copy.jpg

Always interesting the wood the European guns come with. 


Very similar to my Chapuis double rifle. 

Beautiful shotgun. Good luck to your daughter. 

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I have:

Image result for Mossberg 590a1

I added tritium sights/side saddle/flight light fore end.  Mine is older with the bayonet lug, so I decided, why not and added one.

BTW, I like the handle Swamp Fox.  In the early days of 10mm, he was known for making boutique hot 10mm before most did.  Sadly, he died several years ago.  I think I still have the partial box.  Now, that would kick.

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I wish the e-mail was working on this computer.  I get it primarily on my I-Phone.  I would post my safe queen.  I got an original Winchester Defender blued and wood 8 shot.  I had my original made into a pistol grip, and then made the mistake of selling it.  All the other examples looked like someone tied it behind a truck and drug it by a chain, or decided to beat an errant tree with it.  This one is pristine.  I shot a tube of 8 for function, and it lives in the safe ever since.  So, I kept it the way I got one when I bought it brand new, getting rid of my 16 gauge I had on a rack on my wall as a young man.

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