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people freak out over bears


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It amazes me the lengths that people will go to to save a few bucks.  So a mom drags her 7yr old kid to the mall to stand in line for hours with other disgruntled moms and upset kids to save $20 on the price of a stuffed animal?  I don't understand the logic.

The Taco Bells in my state were having some promotion regarding the success of either the Seattle Seahawks or the Mariners.  Can't remember the specifics.  But I do remember that they ended up giving away two free tacos for a day.  One of my coworkers said he was headed down there for his free tacos.  I reminded him that this is a college town and there will likely be massive lines and shortages.  He didn't care.  He spent an hour and a half waiting in line to get two free tacos.  He only gets an hour for lunch so he got penalized a half hour of wages, or about $10, to get $3 worth of tacos.  Idiot.

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