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Ken Burn's Vietnam on Netflix.


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Anybody else watching it?

I think I'm on the third installment and am amazed at just how much I did not know about Vietnam in regards to the country's history and how the whole thing came about.

I suspect that there is a fair amount of slanted editing to promote the leftist viewpoint, much like 98% of all media these days, but still I am really enjoying the history lesson.

Any experts on Vietnam care to chime in and comment on how accurate the series is?


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My wife and I watched.  Just really left us really sad and surprised at the whole thing.  


It seemed like after the 20th time someone said "let's throw another 50,000 troops at it",  or "we can see victory very, very soon",  that "they" would ask themselves What the Heck are we doing??

Just really sad.


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19 minutes ago, paul45 said:

Watch The Post.  The Pentagon papers proved that four presidents were involved in a huge lie.  By 1965 our government knew there was no way to win the war yet sent 55,000 boys to their deaths.  I love my country but what happened was wrong.


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Just watched most of it.  Thought it was very well done, and informative.  But when they reported on the "world-wide protests in 1968" I got more suspicious of the 'facts' presented throughout the series.  In that 'protest' segment they included the protests in Prague, as if that, too, was against the US.  In truth, the Prague protests were anti-Soviet/Warsaw Pact inspired, and caused the Pact to invade Czechoslovakia in 1968.  Those facts were never mentioned.  

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