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Ruger Mark IV Target - First Trip to the Range


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After selling my Buckmark Camper to a friend, I quickly realized that my collection was missing a semiauto 22LR pistol. After over -analyzing every option available, I decided to pull the trigger on a new MKIV Target. Gallery of Guns had a very good price too. I picked it up on Tuesday, cleaned it (OMG what a joy compared to the Buckmark) and took it to the range this yesterday. 

I shot 100 rounds of Mini-Mags followed by 50 rounds of Aguila Super Extra and 50 rounds of CCI SV's.

Everything cycled just fine. No malfunctions. 

Accuracy was very good for me at least. At 10 yards, I was able to keep most of my shots well within the 9-ring of a 3" Shoot-n-See target (I'm NOT a very good). It seemed to do best with the CCI Standards, but not by a big margin. 

The trigger was decent. Without being able to measure the pull, I would put it between 4-5 lbs. Minimal take-up. Reset was more than acceptable. I'm going to leave the trigger alone until I've put 1,000 or more through it. I'm guessing it will improve a bit. 

The stock sights are okay, but I really needed a high contrast target to achieve any degree of accuracy. I'm thinking FO's may be in my future. 

All-in-all, this is a very worthy replacement for my Buckmark. 


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