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Civilian gear just not good enough

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What gear, that you were issued, can you not live without as a civilian.  My number one is my poncho liner. In fact, both of my daughters have their own and will not sleep with a regular blanket.

I keep an E-tool in the back of my POV.  I use a Marine Assault pack for day trips and a large Alice pack for extended excursions.

And I have a collection of boonie covers (hats for you fly boys.) 

There's more, but that's what comes to mind right now.

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I kept my goretex coat when I got out.  I went to a pawn shop and bought a ratty one to turn in.  I wish that I had kept the pants too, but in 4 years of service I only wore them once when my CO thought I looked like I was cold.

I also love the Scepter NATO fuel cans, I have 5 of them at this point (4 bought surplus, one bought new from Canada that's black) as they are the only ones that are really safe to put inside a vehicle cabin with you (they are aviation approved)



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