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Extremely Disrespectful Towards NATO Allies


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No, not Donald Trump.  Our supposed NATO allies are being very disrespectful towards the President of the United States.  Riots.  Protests.  Shouting.  Yelling.  Screaming.

Is that any way to treat an ally?  No?  Well, then....

If President Trump is wrong to point out how our supposed allies shovel billions of dollars into Russia's economy, while becoming dependent upon Russian natural gas, then it's time to be "wrong".  Being "right" and polite and smiling got us nowhere.

Is this a sign of R E S P E C T ?  If not, then don't expect Trump to treat you any differently.


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Why we feel so honored that they're sucking from us?

Let them suck from Russians.

On the other hand, I would tell them that we offer to pay Germany's total cost, IF they become a State in the Union, meaning every corporation and every German will pay US income taxes.  That will fly like a lead balloon.  LOL

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