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Unlikely Republicans


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Who are some celebs/public figures that are/were Republican, that surprise you? I was just reading the Wiki entry on Dennis Hopper. Although he supported Obama in 2008 (apparently because he didn’t like Palin), he was a long-time Republican. I never would have guessed that, given his background. 

Who else?

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28 minutes ago, Rabbi said:

Hasidic and Orthodox Jews.  Not all groups and not all people within any given group, but on average, they lean right and many are seriously on the MAGA train.  








I have Jewish family ——- Poland and Germany——on mom’s side. Two of my Uncles are as conservatiave as anyone I know. Both have hunting clubs. Both have very nice firearms collections. Both introduced me to guns as defensive tools. Dad introduced us fo hunting. Both Uncles have large farms. Don’t believe stereotypes. When we were children, we were introduced to three brothers who got out of Europe right before it was too late. They were brought over from Germany by a family member who claimed they were family and they took his name.  We figured out at an early age what the Second Amendment was for hearing them describe what life was like  in the Third Reich via their very broken English. All of us cousins are still very close today. Don’t believe the liberal media. 

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When I lived in Los Angeles,  I happened to meet John Millius, who wrote and co-wrote the scripts for Dirty Harry, Conan the Barbarian, Apocalypse now, and wrote and directed Red Dawn. He and I had the same gunsmith and I was able to talk to him on several occasions. He was a great guy, no BS, just a regular gun nut who liked to hang out at the gunsmith's shop and just shoot the ****.

He wasn't just a conservative. He was a full on, Bull Goose take-no prisoners Conservative. In a way the Leftists in Hollywood feared him more than they disliked him, and thought he was a Wild man. But they also respected his accomplishments as a writer and a director. I remember one of the guns he brought in to have worked on was a Ruger number one in 257 Weatherby. I learned that he was good friends for many years with California Congressman Dana Rohrbacher and the two of them used to surf together when they were young.

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2 hours ago, Sharp Stick said:

Tom Selleck

Charlton Heston (departed)

Stacy Dash

Stacey Dash, you say?  Send her over in this outfit, so we can chat for a few minutes.  Then, I'll make a ruling.

She's the one in the right foreground for those of you that don't habla. :D


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10 hours ago, ASH said:

angelina jolie really shocked me  , being all united nations  and  buying kids  to raise  from other countries that are war torn 

There is nothing wrong with doing any of that, FTR.  But her being 'conservative' (though I don't know if she is a 'Republican') is a surprise.

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Most of these don't surprise me as I was aware of them.  Bruce Willis is also a very conservative hollywood star, and I think Sylvester Stallone is as well.

Chuck Woolery (game show host) is a very vocal Republican/Conservative, almost on the level of James Woods.

Many are fiscally conservative but socially liberal.  They don't like handouts but also believe gays should be able to marry, etc.

Agree or not, I understand their position.

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