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Minutes away from Trump's announcment of SCOTUS pic, any bets?

Borg warner

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Everyone is really happy about having a solid right 5-4 court..... yeah, the math still has an element of "that might not happen."


If the right loses the senate in the midterms and Thomas steps down/passes,  Trump will be lucky to get a moderate.  We are back to a 4/4 and a swing.   If Trump loses in 2020 and Thomas goes,  we end up with a 5-4 solid left court. 


It is a very real problem.  It is the situation Ginsburg is trapped in now.  


Point being, the court is not assured at all and could end up solid left, soon.  If we retain the Senate in November, I think it is likely Thomas retires and all is good.   I am not overly confident in the midterms. I like our odds, but anger and fear makes people vote. The left is both of those things.  The right is getting fat and happy. 



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The SCOTUS seats will always be a challenge. It is nice to be sitting in much better place than if we had Hillary as President. 

Will there be change in SCOTUS in future? Will it work in the favor of conservatives or liberals? To many unknowns to make a call. 

The one defintive, I'm thankful we have President Trump right now to deal with the known and hope that we in the future we have the right make up of leadership to preserve. 


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