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Count Down To SCOTUS Pick

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As we await the big announcement in a couple hours it seems relevant to take a moment and reflect on how our country might look today had the hag won. I was admittedly not a big trump guy during the primary (Cruz) but once he took the nomination I jumped on board and I have been won over by his successes and his agenda. 2 and maybe 3 justices before its all done will shape our country for decades. Our republic was literally at stake and by Gods grace good prevailed. And lets not forget his appellate appointments. Shifting the appellate courts away from activist libs is huge. The mid terms will be critical but I think things will be ok. Once we gain a few seats maybe we can get this crooked DOJ sorted and lay this sham special counsel away. Feeling optimistic. You?


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Kavanaugh should get the establishment's vote, promising to interpret rather than make laws.

a Gift to the Establishment from Trump.

Bush 43 is all happy about it.  Trump is getting kudo points from establishment.


i would have Barrett nominated to play the Dems, put them between a rock and a hard place for Nov 2018 election.

If we'd gain Senate seats, the next 2-3 confirmations should be much easier (Ruth, Breyer, Thomas).

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is anti woman, anti immigrant 


anti healthcare for a woman to choose the right of her basic elemental healthcare without any restrictions blah, blah, blah

the end of the Constitution as we know it

women will die

children will die


(Fill in name upon nomination)


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The meltdown is in full swing. I've already heard from the left that if Kavanaugh is seated, "millions will die" and "it will be the end of civilization as we know it." Are there really people who believe such claims? Rush was wondering today what their timeline would be for the end of civilization and the schedule for the millions of people dying.

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