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whats one job you would not do ?


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me -  tower climbing and plumbing .  and septic work . and zoos  .  i pay more plumbers then anyone . it just hates me . i can never get to not leak on first try , then the old houses have  those pot metal chromium piece of **** pipes that fall apart in few years and valves flakes off .

oh and i would never be a fluffer 



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Prostitution, anything illegal, any job at Amazon and a bunch of other anti freedom liberal shithole companies, in or for any liberal / progressive / left leaning or left wing party.

Other than that, I have no problem doing dirty or risky jobs.

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Medicolegal death investigator for the county Medical Examiner's office.

Dead people don't bother me and I've handled everything from natural causes to falls, explosions, burns, GSW, burnings, etc., but infants and toddlers really messed with my mind. Especially those little ones who've been tortured and murdered. 

At my point in life, I'd probably snap on a scene if the suspect were still there. 

Anything having to do with grease traps or grease pits. Working in fast food for a time as a kid ruined me. 

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Mover. Obviously, if it was the only honest work I could find I'd do it, but I just absolutely ******* hate the act of moving lots of stuff from one place to another. Carrying boxes full of other peoples' crap down the stairs all day long is my personal hell.

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6 minutes ago, Glocks4Freedom said:

Screwing strangers for money in front of a camera is not necessarily the blueprint for an enjoyable workplace.

That’s the high point of the industry. Other things behind the scene are just foul. 

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