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Florida fisherman


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A man in Florida reeled in something very unexpected while fishing on his birthday Monday.

Jorge Bustamante caught a large bale of marijuana in the waters off Pompano Beach, roughly 11 miles north of Fort Lauderdale.  Bustamante reportedly joked the package was his "Pablo Escobar birthday present," while authorities dubbed it a "square grouper."


Happy birthday Jorge. Hopefully the cartel won't be visiting you to double check you really only had one bale to turn in.  

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My father flew helicopters for Brevard County ( Cocoa Beach ) back in the day. He saw a few bales washed up on the beach or floating close to the beach and would call them in. He said he was always looking for the briefcase of money washed up on some remote beach.


Never said if he found one or not.


All five kids did go to college though.


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