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how about a little 80ties roboto music


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After you live in an apartment, for a minute, with a tad of electronics training, is you can take the coax cable plate off, and one inch away is your neighbor's coax connection.  Which they are paying for.

A $1 spliiter.

Free Styx!!

We only left the tv on mtv, and never shut it off.

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We only had three channels, and then, Mom, came home with a video cassette player.

It was as big as a bus.  It took up the whole kitchen counter.

You'd put it it in, and it'd hum and buzz and birr and grind and hum for thirty seconds, just for the video to go in. It'd take a full minute.

Then you got to watch The Wizard of Oz.

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back in early 80ties  big 10 foot satelite dishes got popular  because you could get all the channels for free i mean everything , we had a channel master system  when i was 13 ,  the satelite control box was up and down  and choose over 20 birds   man  every friend wanted to stay over lol  then ,, then all the companies got together and said hmmm lets scramble channels  and make em pay . that sucked , then they had a descrambler box you could hack  then few years later it all died out .   funny thing that big dish  is is still down by the road  beside my moms driveway lol , i just paint it time to time  like for halloween , thanksgiving  etc .  

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