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can anyone date this?


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There is microscopic printing on top behind the front sight. I think it reads _ Johnson's Arms and Cycle works and the patent#. And then there are some dates: month and year. The cylinder rotates clockwise (to the right). I think it's 32 cal.5b414195af0b7_IverJohnson_1.thumb.jpg.e8623821c4461c9156c16c3b3befb971.jpg5b41418bda28a_IverJohnson.thumb.jpg.6da263394b4fb65de1cf3fa926698f15.jpg

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That would be a Iver Johnson Arm's & Cycle Works revolver I believe called the Safety Automatic.  From wikipedia...


Safety automatic

Standard models with external hammer:

  • First Model (1894–1895), single post latch system
  • Second Model (1896–1908), double post latch system
  • Third Model (1909–1941), double post latch system, adapted for smokeless powder


Bob S.




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On 7/7/2018 at 4:40 PM, DUBSY said:

Thank you sir. I really could not tell if the date read 68 or 08.

The break top revolvers were well on their way out for just about everyone but the British military by the 1920s.

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