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The mayor who wants a sexy police force(video)

Gun Shark

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Any town that starts with "Bro" has to have chicks in shorty shorts as cops...


The mayor who wants a 'sexy' police force

The town of Broummana in Lebanon has hired a group of young women as auxiliary police officers for the summer - and dressed them all in shorts.

With their male colleagues still wearing trousers, the issue has caused a stir in the press and on social media.

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I was having dinner one night with my brother and his fiance and in walked two people in uniform; a male and female, both in their 20's.  Looked like cop uniforms but I didn't recognize them.  The female was unbelievably hot.  Beautiful brunette.  I asked my brother who they were and he said they were state probation officers.  

Pullman PD also hired a new female cop last year who is not bad looking as well...


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This is what happens when you elect idiots and then empower them to go full retard with taxpayer dollars. The constant liberal desire to change the perception of law enforcement and to interfere with doing the job drives me nuts. I can appreciate a sexy female dressed in a police officer costume on Halloween (can I ever!) but when we are on the job they need to be able to do the job. No reduced standards, no special hiring programs, no skirts, no shorty shorts, no male, no female, no white, no black... just blue.

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