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It’s a good thing I’m a good husband...


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After 3 days of airline purgatory, including 30 hours in LAX after a pair of 777 breakdowns.

(If it’s Boeng, we’re apparently not going today)....I now find myself in a hotel bar in Auckland, NZ. One more flight tomorrow morning to get to my worksite, but tonight it’s a beer, a snack and a brief reading of the news on my iPad. I generally keep a baseball cap clipped to my backpack in order to keep my pack from getting confused with all the other SwissArmy packs. Usually a Cincinnati Reds cap, but lately I’ve shifted to my “The Boring Company" hat I bought off an Elon Musk tweet after watching him land a pair of rockets simultaneously.

So I donned my Boring Company hat and head down to the bar... completely forgetting that I'm now down in the south Pacific...it's winter here. And not too far from here are a bunch of pre-teen Thai soccer players trapped a mile-plus deep in a flash-flood-filled cave complex. The story has gripped this entire side of the planet.

Elon Musk has announced he's sending Boring Company engineers to find an unusual means to reach the kids.

I'm a lager deep, and then three young women, a little tipsy, surround me and start peppering me with seemingly nonsensical questions and statements: "I bet you can get em!" "If anyone can save those boys, it's you!" That would be so HOT if your technology can save those poor boys!"

Oopsi...I'm wearing my Boring Company hat..and the young ladies are swooning over this thin, tan American with a hint of Texas drawl, thinking he's come all this way to do some of Elon Musk's hard work. They wanted to know all the details. The details are: I head south tomorrow, and wouldn't know a bore from a hole in the ground!

I'm a good husband. I told them the truth: I bought the hat for $20 directly from Elon's Twitter account. And then I ordered a takeaway of calimary and a lager to my room. A date with an Ambien.

G'day ladays. Sorry PBYcounty.


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