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Somebody done somebody wrong


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I feel sorry for the good people left at the company, but they done so many people wrong.  This is the company that fired me back in 2015.  I am not gloating or vengeful, but they did many other people wrong.  I met some of the people involved in the actual fraud case and I wouldn't have expected this to come up.  I had just heard the verse below on the radio just a few hours before getting the news the company was being shut down.  The scandal was in the news but the shut down wasn't known to me yet.


"Do not take revenge, my dear friends, but leave room for God’s wrath, for it is written: “It is mine to avenge; I will repay,” says the Lord.



This effects my current job.  We had kids on the way to one of the offices for assessment when we got news they couldn't take any new clients.  I have clients waiting on drug and alcohol counseling who need services that can't be taken care of.  Then last night found out they were shutting down.  I go to church with one lady who works there.  Talked to a couple of former clients from day treatment this evening.  They are having issues too.  It is all a great big cluster.

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10 years ago an employer screwed me big time.  Since then the two main culprits have caused well over $200 million in judgements (some say $500 million) and settlements.  Every few years those two cause another lawsuit and they fire a few scapegoats.  This brings about more lawsuits.  When that happens I send letters to each and every member of the board of directors.  I like to reminding them how much they would have saved if 10 years ago they fired those two instead of those that brought the misdeeds to the attention of the board.  

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An ex-executive faces a charge with over-billing the Arkansas Medicaid program. State leaders now plan to terminate the company's contracts. The fraud may hit $2.3 million. That will lead to 700 employees losing their jobs. The company is now transitioning clients to other providers.

Must be a slow news day.  An executive at a healthcare provider company commits Medicaid fraud!  Who would have thunk this type of stuff would even be newsworthy anymore!?!?  Meanwhile, the news also reported that water is wet.         


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