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MOS vs Mill options

AZ Husker

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I'm considering going to an optic on a Glock. I can get a G19 Gen 4 MOS on blue label pricing. What does it cost to have an existing slide milled and who does it? Is there an issue with rust after breaking through the original surface treatment? Lastly I've been looking at both Vortex and Trijicon. How about some input on the two? Thanks folks!

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I have looked at this many times so maybe I can be of help. The Glock MOS system is great if you are not sure which red dot you are going to use but I think the general consensus is a milled slide is better. The only downside to milling the slide is you are married to the brand/model you have your slide milled to. Yes, the slide will rust when machined and you should have it re-coated or treated. The normal practice is to coat the slide with Cerakote or have a Nitride, Robar, etc. treatment. If you are considering any other slide work performed (i.e. front serrations, etc.), it would be best to incorporate it at the same time. Cost of slide work varies quite a bit as well as the lead times they require to perform the work. For example, I used Loki Tactical to do some slide work on my G19 Gen 4 and they charge an additional $100 to mill slide to red dot of your choice. In most cases you can get just a red dot cut with coating for around $200. As far as which red dot, I "think" most people will recommend the RMR over the Vortex, but I believe Vortex makes a very good red dot. I have a Vortex on one of my AR's and it has functioned perfectly. Both have excellent warranty programs as well. Here are a few links to some of the well known companies that perform slide milling. YMMV









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Lonewolf makes a slide with the cut made for an RMR to be installed.  Starts about $185, stainless steel.  For $5 more you can get it salt bath nitrided.

Of course it doesn't come with internals or sights, internal kits start at $80 for everything, then whatever sights you want to install on it.  If you order just the bare slide and put all of your internals into it, you're in for about the same cost as getting yours machined, and without molesting your current slide.  


The main advantage I see in doing it this way is it's about the same cost as getting yours machined and recoated, but if you decide you don't like it you can resell it for a small loss, instead of being stuck with it.


As for RMR, I can't comment on either the vortex or the Trijicon, but I do like my Shield RMS. There are no buttons to press or adjustments to make, as it auto adjusts to conditions, just put in the battery and go, and supposed to be good for a couple years, and add an extra year or more if you store it in complete darkness.

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