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20 hours ago, G19 DB said:

+1 on Stormlake barrels

I have no experience with Stormlake barrels. Only KKM and Lone Wolf. I'd be interested to hear from someone who's used both KKM and Stormlake. When I bough my first Glock, a G19, I got a LW barrel for it think that I could not shoot cast lead out of a polygonal barrel. Supposedly The LW barrels (Pre-Alpha Wolf) were potentially more accurate because of tighter chambers But I couldn't tell any difference in accuracy between the factory barrel and the aftermarket. And again, supposedly, a polygonal barrel is supposed to be more accurate than a conventionally rifled barrel.

I have 3 of the older LW barrels. A 6 inch barrel for my G20, a 6 inch 40 S&W barrel for the same gun, and a G32 357 Sig barrel for my G23. All are very good and are probably more accurate than I am.  The only problem I had was with the G20 barrel that the chamber need to be polished just slightly for some of the underwood ammo becaseu I think underwood uses thicker brass.  I sill have the occasional problem with Underwood and always do a plunk test on every new box but the ones that are still just slightly tight I use for test firing and they've never caused a malfunction.

The other factor with aftermarket barrels is that once again, supposedly, a drop-in custom barrel in a Glock will not show much difference in accuracy and that to make any difference in accuracy it has to be a barrel that is custom fitted to the slide for more precise lock-up. However, my gunsmith who is specializes in Glocks, got a drop in Bar-sto barrel in trade and used it in his G21 and he said it made a difference in spite of not being custom fitted. Bar-sto barrels have the reputation of being the best custom barrels.  

Bar-sto barrels are not available as drop-ins. They are either custom fit or Semi-fit and price begin at $225. My KKM barrel was around $150 a few years ago and there was no backlog at the time.


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On 7/5/2018 at 8:39 PM, Tjs said:

I have a G27 and I would like to get a 9MM conversion barrel. Lone wolf is back ordered. Any other recommendations fo a drop in barrel


If you haven't yet found a barrel, check ebay. My most recent conversion barrel was from ebay, a Storm Lake conversion barrel for my Glock 22. It was new and under $120.


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