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Minor with MAGA hat assaulted in San Antonio-SUSPECT ARRESTED


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Like the title says, some SOB didn't like his hat so he took it and threw a drink in his face. Modern media is fast, he has been identified, fired from his job, barred from the Texas Green party he associated with and is hopefully facing prosecution for assaulting a minor.




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He was also spouting the N word so it should be a hate crime.  But the San Antonia DA is a YUGE dirtbag and criminal hand picked by George Soros.  So don't expect a very vigorous prosecution.


"LaHood was arrested in June 1994 for attempting to sell 200 Ecstasypills worth $3,600, with a firearm to an undercover police officer at a strip club."

"LaHood ran for District Attorney in 2010 but narrowly lost to Susan Reed. Controversies that contributed to his loss included his age, past drug arrest, and firearm charges"

"In 2017, state District Judge Lori Valenzuela testified that LaHood had threatened the careers of two defense attorneys if they brought up an affair between a prosecutor in his office and a key witness for the prosecution in a murder case. Judge Valenzuela, who presided over the case, testified under oath that she had witnessed the threats made in his chambers. LaHood also testified, denying that he had made a threat."

"LaHood has promoted the unfounded conspiracy theory that vaccines are linked to autism; in a statement videotaped in his office for the anti-vaccine film Vaxxed, Lahood asserted that vaccines "can and do cause autism,"

He's also a lame duck.  He lost the primary to an even more radical far far left candidate.




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1 minute ago, Mrs.Cicero said:

Not a Darwn Award... but there should be something for stupid of they type and magnitude...

+1. You should assume you are on camera if you are in public. Stupid little decisions can have big consequences.


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