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Good fireworks for $70.


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Picked these up today. Four launch tubes each on a solid wooIMG_20180704_211846147.thumb.jpg.1533f777d087a80989949d4d5550d19c.jpgden pad. 24 shells with about a six second fuse. Pretty nice little display. I'm hitting the after-holiday sale tomorrow after work to stockpile.


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Yeesssssss those are the best!!! It's so much fun buying enough to line up 6-8 tubes and launch at the same time.

I've been thinking about building a platform with 12-16 tubes and buying a reel of fuse to make it far more exciting.

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13 hours ago, Pima Pants said:

I envy you guys. Fireworks such as displayed above are not permitted in the state in which I live (Arizona). All that is legal are sparklers, snakes, smoke bombs and other ground-based small toys. No aerials or other fun stuff.

legal?  Who said anything about legal?


I kid.  Though more than a few years around here my uncle's firework display contained more than a few fireworks that needed to be "disposed of" from his police department.

It also makes it less worrisome about getting in trouble when it's a group of cops being the ones putting on the display.

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