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"The Expanse" will not be on tonight


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Because the season finale was last week. Crap.

I expect with the whole SiFi channel cancellation / Amazon pickup, we might have some wait before we see Season 4, too.

I think it's the best scifi series ever made for television. But except for rewatching it (or reading the books, which I am doing now), I need something new.


Make a suggestion, please. And thank you.

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4 minutes ago, TBO said:

Altered Carbon on Netflix


Watched it. Interesting story, nice to see the guy who played Marc Antony in Rome get a decent part again. That makes 2 series I've seen now where he hangs his wang out, out of 2 series I've seen him in.

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The Expanse books are all excellent. I finished the 7th full novel a couple months ago.

Can't wait to see what Amazon will do with a season 4 of the show. 

Then I moved over to "The Girl With All The Gifts"  (also a movie available on Amazon) and by the same author, "The Boy on the Bridge." Just for a change of pace from space to a sort of zombie theme. 

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