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I once saw a wedding ring welded at a perfect 90°, to a 10KV bus bar behind racks of equipment.  They said that the guy got out of it with very minimal damage.  They offered to shut down,  so he could get it back,  but he refused and said he'll never wear another ring again.

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Once I got my wedding ring across the car battery leads, I got a burn but no real damage.  Another time I jumped out of a pickup bed and my ring snagged on part of the side rail.  When I had my operation on my stomach they had to cut the ring off me.  I never wore one again.

My second oldest daughter had my wedding ring repaired and keeps if (for me).

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I won't wear a wedding ring to my wife's utter dismay. Saw too many videos in the AF of rings burned off of fingers from dead shorts in electrical equipment.


It was an automatic failure in the missile site if you were wearing a ring or metal framed glasses while Stan/Eval was watching you trouble-shoot a missile malfunction in the equipment cabinets.

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21 hours ago, railfancwb said:

Wasn’t Don Gartlets seriously injured riding in the slingshot position when something let go?

 Yep, Jack Chrisman was another one who was seriously injured in a slingshot dragster in 1963 but it was Garlits's accident in 1970 that led to the development of the rear engined dragsters.

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I seriously freaked a couple kids out.

One kid,  obviously "special",  was dressed like Batman (they were coming around for trick-or-treat). 

He noticed me.  Stopped dead.  Pointed.  And screamed, "I COULD KICK YOUR ASS!"

His parents looked embarrassed and ushered him away.  I lol'd.

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