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7 hours ago, Schmidt Meister said:

As a Florida resident I feel like I should have a loyalty to a Florida college team. I picked FSU when I was around 15 y/o because of my older brothers desire to act like a fool over the Gators. 2 of my brothers went to U of F, reinforcing my loyalty to FSU, lol. Around 3 years ago, FSU decided the having a diverse coaching staff was more important than winning games after coach Bobby Bowden retired and I had to quit being a full fan and just back off as they self-destructed.

I have always rooted for my home state of GA and after losing FSU totally to the WOKE gods, I was able to dedicate all my attention to the Bulldogs and they have never let me down. This year they are on fire and are looking for a championship. 

UF will whip FSU's butt today and GA will lay smoke on GT. As the late, great Rush Limbaugh would say, "Don't doubt me on this."

FSU Vs FL.png

GA Vs GT.png

My prediction were both accurate, one more than the other, I predicted UF would beat FSU's arse and they beat them, but not a total arse whipping ... 24-21. That's still a loss, they ain't playing hand grenades. And GA smoked GT 45-0. GA is now 12-0. The last time GA went 12-0 they won a Championship, it was in 1980 with Hershel Walker, who incidentally is running for Senate in GA as a Republican.

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On 11/26/2021 at 5:53 AM, pipedreams said:


My home was 4 stories including the Copper sheet roof.  We had a 20 foot light guyed mast on top of that.

We were 55 miles from the only 4 TV stations in our state.  We had a 10 inch Sylvania TV.

Because of our antenna height we had one of the first TVs in our town.  We would watch it till the National Anthem played at midnight and they stopped broadcasting.

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30 minutes ago, Huaco Kid said:

Dad got one of the first auto-turning antennas that anyone had ever seen.  Our friends would come over and we'd turn the knob about three turns and run outside just to watch it spin around (ka-chunk! ka-chunk! ka-chunk! ka-chunk!).

My dad too had one of those directional antennas with a wired remote control box, but that was for radio only. I didn't touch that thing, he would have yelled at me for a year and a half. Actually, he was always yelling at me, so I should have made this thing spin until the antenna starts to puke!

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