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Seeing Firestone on those tires reminded me of a day in the 70's.  I saw a Rolls Royce sitting if front of a car dealer and stopped to look at it.  I ran my fingers along the weld seam on the bottom of the rocker panel to see what attention was made to the body work during manufacturing and it was smooth as glass. 

Don't do this on any other car, the sharp projections may cut you.  Even the indentations from the spot welds were filled and smoothed.

While I was looking at it, the owner came out and asked what I thought of it.  I told him I was very impressed with the "fit and finish".   But, I asked him, why did it have Firestone Tires on it?  He said that they were the only company that guaranteed the specifications Rolls had on the tires (roundness, balance mileage, etc.).

In addition to the interior, he opened the trunk and showed me inside it also.  I asked where the spare was and he laughed and said, "Rolls Royce" doesn't need a spare!  I assumed that meant you called for roadside assistance if needed.

The trunk had all the necessities, according to the owner.  He opened a big case in the trunk and it had all the items necessary for a very luxurious picnic.  Knives, forks, spoons, plates, saucers, glasses, and assorted pitchers and containers.

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