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Entitled politician furious that she can only steal the property of the poor


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She needs to work on her logic.  She says that because this taxpayer can afford to fight the city, he is infuriating to a member of the city council and a bad person.  While another taxpayer that can't afford to fight the city should have to lose their property to the city.


The issue is not, whether or not the taking of his property is justified, the issue is that a city politician thinks it is abhorrent that any resident should actually fight the city over this matter when the poor would simply rollover.


How does any sane person argue that poor people should lose their property rights if they can't fight in court, while someone that can fight in court is abhorrent for exercising his right to defend his property against the city.


Like it or not, in this country the courts are for everybody and anyone can contest the city over almost anything, the city is not omnipotent!


This person's argument makes the city look like complete tyrants and totally dictatorial.  She's an idiot and should be publicly taken to task for her statement.

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Janice is right, this is about the classification of residents while there shouldn't be more than one "class" to begin with. You can also hear between the lines that she actually thinks that she is NOT an ordinary person when she brings this up the second time.

Typical "liberal" control freak who thinks it knows better than everybody else, and hence has the right to dictate how things need to be. Those people are the downfall of America.

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