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Why should states that protect illegal immigrants be rewarded with more political power?


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Something I never thought about till now.

"Based on the 2010 Census, Louisiana, Missouri, and Ohio each lost a seat in the House and a vote in the Electoral College, while Montana failed to gain a seat and an electoral vote. By contrast, California gained two House seats and two Electoral College votes. And Florida and Texas each gained one seat and one vote."

"The “Residence” rule adopted by the Census Bureau for the 2020 census stipulates that foreign nationals will be counted and allocated to the state where their “usual residence” is located, regardless of whether they are legally present."



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Citizens fleeing the People's Republic of Kalifonistan in record number.  A YUGE number fleeing to Texas.  A thousands of Texas illegals wanting more free stuff invading Kaliforistan.  Kalifornistan loses taxpayers, gains parasites and is rewarded with two.  Texas gains taxpayers and loses bottom feeders and gains one.  It just doesn't make sense.

And the next part is meant to be humorous.  Not an attack on you poor souls that haven't made it here yet.  :-)


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