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Fascists Attack Peaceful March.....Again


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The ironically-named Antifa Fascists attacked a peaceful protest.  Fascists cannot bear the thought of anyone else exercising the right to speak freely.  Saul Alinksy preached and the Fa-Left ate it up.  The Fa-Left ALWAYS reacts violently.  The Fa-Left ALWAYS resorts to force and violence because its ideas are weak.  Hitler.  Stalin.  Mao.  Pol Pot.  Kim.  Castro.  All leftwing Fascists of a feather.

Portland sees bloody fighting as Antifa activists storm Patriot Prayer rally

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Headliner at FOX News and guess who doesn't cover that at all. Yep that's right, the Communist News Network CNN:

But hey, they got another twisted crapshot at Trump and the gun grab agenda...




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