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Glock Appendix carry AD on video

Sgt 127

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If I were to appendix carry I wouldn't holster the weapon while wearing.  I'd remove the holster from my pants, insert weapon then stick the pair in my pants.  This is why I always felt more comfortable holstering a hammer gun than a striker gun.  With the 1911 I could place my thumb between the hammer and firing pin while holstering.  Just in case something touched the trigger and the thumb safety and grip safety failed the hammer couldn't strike the firing pin.  With a DA or DAO gun I could place my thumb on the hammer and feel if the hammer moved.  With a striker gun there's no way to tell if something is riding the trigger while holstering until it goes boom.

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Can anyone see what went sideways?  It didn't look like his shirt caught the trigger during holstering.  And that holster covers the trigger pretty well.  And a pull of the trigger is pretty much the only way to make a stock Glock go boom.

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