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droned surfer


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Well, obviously what the well designed drone needs is a public address speaker.  Half the people that I knew during the CB radio craze had them.  If it was good then, it'll be good now.

Warning!!  Stay on your surfboard.  There is a great white shark swimming under you.  Paddle to shore, but try not to splash like a seal.  Oh,  forget it.  Come to think of it, you're screwed. 

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My neighbors are just as oblivious to the natural world around them.  I stay up till around 2AM and my security cameras show wildlife wandering and hunting all around my street.  Deer grazing the boulevards are common, with Racoons roaming every yard.  Woodchucks and Coyotes are occasionally visiting, Rabbits abound, and at twilight Mallards are looking for morsels and a nights rest.  In the early AM when I would set out for work, the Pheasants would be lined up wing to wing for blocks drying out from the morning dew, on the chain link fence surrounding the County Airport and adjacent to the Corn fields.

If I mention what I saw the previous night, the neighbors get all panicky and worry (only for the day, short attention span) about what it means.  I tell them it means that the critters are tired and or hungry, it's nothing new, but they say they have never seen what I do.  Since they all keep daylight hours I'm not surprised at this, but simply pay it no attention.


I'm reminded of my trips to Boulder, CO where I am told that Mountain lions prowl the suburbs at night looking for the easy to catch cats and dogs, rather than go to the trouble of hunting in the foothills.  When humans populate an area they bring untold amounts of food that is discarded and looked for by wildlife.  It seems an ideal situation for the critters.


The world is all around us and to think that we are the only "things" in town is foolish and demonstrates how much "we hunter/gatherers" have lost by evolution.

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