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Neighbor gets state prison for Confederate flags, 4 years of bigotry


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Can this be true?

Two to four years for Ethnic Intimidation ?   The link has the full story.


By Rudy Miller | For lehighvalleylive.com

After four years of racial slurs, property damage, threats and three Confederate flags facing their Bethlehem Township home, the Baker family had its day in court.

Their next-door neighbor, Robert Kujawa, was sentenced to two to four years in state prison on Friday after being convicted at trial earlier this month on two counts of ethnic intimidation.

Kujawa has been sentenced and his home is in foreclosure but the black couple next door is still not at ease, according to Biafra Baker.

“You’re relieved that it’s over for now,” Baker said at her home on Henry Street.

Kujawa’s attorney, Alexander J. Karam Jr., said Kujawa denied making the racial slurs for which he was charged. Biafra Baker said Kujawa’s wife tried to take responsibility for posting the Confederate flags.

Karam said Kujawa tried to move away from the Baker family years ago but couldn’t pull it off.

“He’s very remorseful about the whole entire incident. He tried to make things work and they just didn’t work out,” Karam said. Karam said the family plans to move to New Jersey after their daughter graduates from high school in two years.




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if this was all motivated out of prejudice, that is one sick puppy.

jail will likely reinforce his sick value system. he will probably find more bigots inside to associate with.

i have three mixed race grandchildren, and would not turn the other cheek to such shenanigans.

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