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Very possibly the dumbest thing you’ll read this week.


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simple solution.  If you don't want the cops to do the job they were trained to do, as they were trained to do it, don't allow them to have firearms.  No guns on the cops, the cops can't shoot any bad guys, no matter how many times they shoot or threaten them and all the subjects of the state of commiefornia.

Better yet, get rid of the police all together, as it's obvious that the oversight committee doesn't want them.  Replace them with private security for the oversight board, and let everyone else fend for themselves.


Even better solution to this, get rid of the oversight board, and replace them with a group of people that actually bother to read the policies and procedures manuals, and then pass a written test about them before allowing them to have any authority.


Even more better solution, nuke the city, it's a lost cause.

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