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Officer goes above and beyond for family of 8 in need


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A California officer is being recognized for forever changing the lives of a family in need
OAKLAND, Calif. — A California officer is being recognized for forever changing the lives of a family in need.
Oakland Officer Ira E. Anderson first met Nakenya Karim and her family nearly a year ago and has since developed a close relationship with them, KTVU reports. Anderson has spent time with the family and has even taken Karim’s children on outings, including their first visit to the beach.
"Before Ira, I tell you there were a lot of things they saw negative about police officers," Karim said.
In August, the family of eight had to move out of their home due to high rent. The family also has been without a vehicle for six months.
"It takes a lot to take care of six kids. So everything we have goes into the children. I was trying to save up for another vehicle," Karim said.
Anderson stepped in and contacted Auto Plus Towing company to help the family out. Touched by the family’s story, the company fixed a 2015 Dodge Caravan and gave it to the family free of cost.
"I grew up in the projects of San Francisco Hunters Point and I've seen both sides of the fence and any given moment you can be on the other side of the fence on the receiving end," Auto Plus Towing manager Donnie Robinson said.
Anderson said he was doing what he was taught growing up, and that helping the Karim family was his way of paying it forward.
"We just need to give each other the time of day. We're all human beings. We're all in the struggle, we can all help each other," Anderson said.
Oakland Police Chief Anne Kirkpatrick praised the officer’s act of kindness.
"This is true community policing. We need a community that loves their police and we need police that loves their community," Kirkpatrick said.
Auto Plus Towing said it’s paying the entire bill for the vehicle including the registration.
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