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I lost my mom last july   ,i had 48 wonderful years  as i was a mommas  boy ,  hard to believe its been almost a year .  if your parents or one just living give them a hug or call

and let them know you love them because when they are gone you wish you would have .  MOM i miss and love you  i know you are dad all he can handle in heaven  



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She kept it over the kitchen door, for shooting ****.

She had chickens.

Where the cows and horses were, never needed shot.

And the pig.  That wouldn't even hurt him.

The coop needed shot, on a regular basis, as the snakes came along.

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One time, like, we were sitting by the pond, with beer, doing Texas things,.....

And Mom, slowly got up and took the .22.

And made the snake in the middle of the pond pop up in mid-air.

And did it again.

And again.

(this is a lever-action)

She kept this snake spinning in mid-air for three or four shots.

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We learned later, that Mom had a ceramic egg.

She would put it in the chicken's nests, and the snakes would come along and eat it.

But, whatever hole the snakes came in at, they couldn't get out, with a facefull of pottery.

We said, "Mom!  How many of these do you have?"

She said, "One."

"How do get it back?"

And she pointed to the machete.

You pretty much don't want do dick with Mom.

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Mom won first place at the Firehall Auction.

Third place was a trip to Hawaii!

Second place was two quads!

First place was....

a pig.

He was a big as a football. This little squeally ******.

HE Was cute.  Mom fed him in the kitchen.  I think eggs, and mostly garbage, whatever pigs do.

He got as big as a truck.


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Mom and Dad sold that pig to a local Mexican restaurant.

They said it was a "grease pig".

I don't know.  Ask them  Not bacon.  Just deliciousness.  All frying all over.

Mom and Dad got a free dinner for a year, for this pig.

It was pretty greasy.

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And then, In the late 70's!!!!

Star Wars!!

I bought an iguana at Murphy Mart.  For $1.00.  He was 3" big.

Like Godzilla.

And then, he just kept on living.

I had him for ten years, throughout highschool, then we moved south to Texas.

So I left Mom the Iguana.





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They said that once, the iguana got llose, in Texas. Or out of the big cage they built. 

Dot let him out.

He was going all squirrly all in the piney woods.

So they said, they were chasing all over with garbage cans.

You can't do that.

You just have to wait until he comes back.

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