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Double Standard Makes Me Sick


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All I want to see is the same standards applied to Hillary Clinton and her campaign, and Donald Trump and his campaign.  Hillary was treated with kid gloves, the FBI didn't dig too deeply or with even a hint of aggressiveness.  They took her at her word, and allowed her special privileges that people in Trump's orbit simply do not receive.  Trump and his contacts are treated very harshly, very aggressively.  And, when the FBI has to investigate itself for misconduct or bias, it bends over backwards not to see what it does not want to see.  I am disgusted, honestly.

First, texts ought not be deleted, and they ought to be recoverable, on FBI devices.  Get them.

Were Strzok-Page texts deleted? Sources say IG flagged gaps in record

Second, if the FBI investigators used personal devices and personal email accounts to conduct work-related business, those sources are discoverable.  In fact, in a criminal prosecution, they MUST be turned over.  There are indications in the record of communications between Strzok and Page that they referred to switching to personal communication methods to continue work discussions.  Those MUST BE subpoenaed.  As of now, the FBI is not going after them.  Why not?



FBI will not collect Page, Strzok messages on personal accounts, despite top GOP lawmaker's request


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2 hours ago, Huaco Kid said:

Per precedent, there was no intent, and that nicely wraps up every accusation.

Except we've heard recently that the Mueller Hit Squad is very focused on President Trump's "intent" when firing James Comey, so the hitmen will devine what the President intended.  Apparently, you can bring a trashcan full of classified documents out of the State Department, leave it on a park bench, and walk away without repercussions, as long as your name rhymes with "sillery minton" and you say you didn't "intend" to do anything wrong.

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