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Peace in Korea?


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President Donald Trump has the chance to complete his greatest foreign policy achievement if peace is reached between North and South Korea.  Some in the media are asking "why now?"

I submit they are overlooking one significant factor:  missiles striking Syria.  Russia either didn't or couldn't shoot down the rain of Tomahawks.  Syria couldn't.  Which means Iran can't and, probably, North Korea can't.  That is an unwritten message received loud and clear.

President Trump should highlight that Kim would go down in history as the greatest peacemaker in Korean history if he agrees to reach a peace deal, dismantle nuclear weapons, and maybe even unify the peninsula.  Trump should guarantee Kim's safety, if he makes it happen, so he doesn't meet the fate of past dictators.

Trump should also give Kim the opportunity to root out those elements in his regime that killed and tortured people (as if Kim did not know or approve of such activity).  Kim would thereby be given the chance to "save face".

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We will have to wait and see how this works out.

President Trump, I believe, did have something to do with the north and south getting together but nothing has happened yet!

Even with just talk happening right now the left is going crazy about it because DJT can't have anything to do with good things happening!

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