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Tractors and such.


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From the other kinda farm thread.  Today I went to the farm. Got to get me thinking. Have to get my tractors out. Ford 4000 in front needs new rubber, I will do that this spring. JD B in back. Batteries both dead so gotta work on that tomorrow.  Not wanted to go back there since Dad passed but surprising for me was a peaceful day in the barn where I spent my youth. Did me good and yes a few tears did run.  And now....... yes Dad, I'm gonna get those tractors going.  Yep......


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my batteries are always dead ,  i dunno why , but i got some trickle chargers  and  even thou i get that  rrrrrr rrrrr  rrrrr sound they finally  start , and i got 1  684  that has leak in back tire  and water is leaking out , so im gonna fix that . oh that and i had to put on another injector pump  ..

monday  berry house is closed  and i gotta  sharpen  bush hog blades  and  add new clutch pack 

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