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Powerful Jews


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I never really understood all the hate for Jews.  Maybe I haven't known a whole lot of Jewish people, spending most of my life in small southern towns, but I just don't get it.  I mean I know the reasons people use to explain it, but I don't grok it.

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I don't think it's something you can grok.  It's not logical.  There is a human need to find a villain, a scapegoat, a fall guy.  Jews fill that position.  No logic.  No sense.  They are a minority.

It's truly amazing to me the level of "liberal" hatred for Israel, which is a shining example of religious and political freedom in the heart of the intolerant Middle East.  Israel succeeded.  Gaza is a shithole.  Muslims prefer to blame Israel and the Jews instead of getting jobs and rebuilding the land they have.  Nope, much easier to find a villain that's holding you down.  Shame.

Maybe if you take off your shoes and socks and walk on a Jewish person's grass you would grok it.

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