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Chess and Women's Equality


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Women demand separate but equal treatment in sporting events.  They generally cannot compete on a equal footing with male athletes.  Women's golf is easier.  Women's tennis is easier.  Other sports women don't even play, beyond high school.  But what about chess?

Chess is purely a mental exercise, so strength or body size isn't an issue.  Yet, the top chess players are and have historically been, men.  Sure, there are some great female chess players, and the top women are better than the vast majority of men.  But at the highest level, it's a male-dominated group.  Like with tennis, if women were forced to actually compete as equals with no favoritism or assistance, women would be far down the leaderboard in most tournaments.

Does this not provide solid evidence that male and female human brains are wired differently?  Not to say one is better or worse, but certainly different, are they not?  Why do so many keep pretending that men and women are the same?  Why do they insist on treating little boys and little girls as though there are no inherent differences?


Bobby Fischer.  Crazy.  Brilliant.  Paranoid.  Racist.  Male.

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