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Should Trump Speak with Mueller?


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Should President Trump agree to speak with Robert Mueller and his investigators?  I'd say Trump should demand the same conditions allowed to Hillary Clinton when she was spoken with.  No recordings.  No notes.  And Trump should insist that Mueller himself asks the questions without assistance from anyone else on his staff.  And he should insist on which members of Mueller's staff are allowed in the room, along with the President's own attorneys (just like Hillary did with her own attorney).

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hell no.

perhaps respond in his own time to written questions.

allow the best lawyers DJT has to evaluate any and all responses.

do not allow any potential BS. no misspoken gottcha perjury. no memory lapse, zero mistakes.

stakes are too high!


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After today, I'd give Mueller a deadline.  President Trump should say the Special Counsel will wrap up its work by, maybe, June 1, or Trump will act.

When June 1 comes, Trump begins the pardons.  Flynn, pardoned.  Manafort, pardoned.  Gates, pardoned.  Papadopoulos, pardoned.  Anyone who Mueller is investigating.  Everyone who Mueller might wish to speak to.  Hell, I'd pardon myself as President.  If Mueller mentions them or interviews them, boom, pardoned.  Except the Hillary side.  Leave them twisting, if Mueller would even lower himself and his staff of committed Democrat operatives to investigate Hillary's side.

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no,after this raid i think all cooperation is over.


and at this point i think its fair to say the FBI is out of control and are trying to pressure Cohen by now owning everything that would be used to defend the President.

and i agree with the pardon train being used as a counter.

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