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We are rich enough to have a pallet of toiletpaper in the basment.

Huaco Kid

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One guy,  at the dorms,  we didn't know.

There was always a pile of shitty-wipe, behind the toilets.

He said,  "But there's no bag!!"

He grew up with an outhouse.  They put the wiped in a paper bag,  and burned it,  when full.

He never had a "flush".  Didn't know that part


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I worked at the public parks,  the pool,  skating rink, and football fields.

I was manager.  You don't want this job.

The other manager-lady made the kids clean the bathrooms with elbow-high gloves,  and buckets,  and scrubbing brushes,

I let them them do it with the firehoses.

It was magnificent!


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At the football field,  the schools would rent it, for their weekly games.

The parents owned it,  and rented it,  and ran the concession stand.

And were responsible for the restrooms.  They were supposed to clean up.

It was my job to check,  after the game.

The Men's room was nothing.  Some paper in the corner.

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One Friday night,  the football game was ON!

But some anti-abortion group was having a protest in the road (public park)  Waving big signs and mega-phone.

I was manager.  I went to talk to them.

I said. "You know.  These are both Catholic teams?  You're preaching to the choir."

And then they went elsewhere.

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